Buenos Aires Noir

Buenos Aires Noir

Edited by Ernesto Mallo

Translated by John Washington and M. Christina Lambert

Noir, described as a genre of crime film or fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity” on good old google, sums it up pretty nicely.  Only my second helping of noir style stories, I’m pretty impressed (my first being KL Noir, check out the review here) and entertained.  

Warning: this particular collection has far more rape and sexual assault type violence than the other noir book I read, the stories were modern and maybe reflect a culture of misogyny in Argentina.  Like I said, I’m no expert. I have been inappropriately touched and hit on in Buenos Aires before though!  

Anyhow, the book itself is a translation from the Spanish and only includes local Argentine authors, which is pretty cool.  The stories also take place as a cross section of different Buenos Aires neighborhoods, interesting because Buenos Aires is distinctly regional in layout.  There was a good balance of crimes in the upper, middle, and lower economic classes, as well as some gang crime and a touch of mystery.

A note about the publisher:  Akashic Books based in Brooklyn is  a unique trove of books that I’m super excited about!!  They focus on anti-mainstream authors and stories and have a HUGE series of noir books based all over the world.  Check out Akashic noir books if you have any interest in Noir or wish to see a noir book that takes place somewhere else.  They have everything from Berlin to Hong Kong to Lagos and dozens of cities all over the place.